Red Door Tavern - Saturdays

3/24/18 semi final 9pm

3/31/18 semi final 9pm

4/7/18 semi final 9pm

4/14/18 Finals 9pm

Pastimes Crosswoods - Tuesdays

4/3/18 semi final 9:30pm

4/10/18 semi final 9:30pm

4/17/18 semi final 9:30pm

4/24/18 Finals 9:30pm 

Contest Info


Each venue will have 3 weeks of qualifying semi finals. Each contestant will need to have 1 song selection prepared that they will be judged on( and a 2nd song in case of a tie) and their $10 entry fee. A 1st & 2nd place male and 1st & 2nd place female winner will be chosen each week and will advance to the finals. The 4th week will be the finals for that venue. Each contestant must have 2 song selections prepared( and a 3rd song in case of a tie). A 1st place male & 1st place female will be chosen to advance to the state competition this summer. The 1st place male & 1st place female winner of The KWC 2018 Ohio State Competition will advance to the United States KWC National Competition in Las Vegas with their prize of free flights and hotel expense covered by KWC USA. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges, your state directors are available to answer any questions you may have.

Mark your calendars and make plans to get to these KWC venues in the next few weeks to practice and become familiar with the stage. For more info on rules and judging criteria please visit us on the web and also feel free to browse KWC on Facebook as well as Youtube.